Thursday, February 19, 2009

FB - Not what I expected.

FB, as I wrote before was a local semi-celeb. I figured he would be an upstanding, model of a person. What I soon realized was that he was a real pervert. One night he called me for a "booty call". I really didn't understand what a "booty call" was back then. It was around 10pm on a Wednesday night. He wanted me to come to his place to see him. I of course say, sure no problem. I drive to his place. His place happened to be an office in a warehouse. The company he worked for had this warehouse and he took his office there and made it into a tiny studio apartment. The room probably was about 10 x12. He had a bed that he had made into a bunk above a futon. He had a TV and shared a public restroom. He had no shower or tub. He told me he had to shower at the Gym. He was trying to pay off some bills and save money by living there. I was surprised by it all. But he was nice and I was a hot blooded divorcee. Anyway, like I said before it was a booty call. I thought it meant he really liked me...yeah, liked parts of me...hehehe. So we got it on in his bunk and I spent the night with him. I would like to mention...his "manhood" was the smallest one I ever saw. He seemed to know what to do with it though.

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