Monday, February 23, 2009

The Test Pilot

CM was still encouraging me to date other people. I met this guy, TP on an online dating site. For our first date, he invited me to his house. His house was in a subdivision where all the homes had hangers for airplanes and they all shared a runway. I was impressed. I was especially impressed when he told me he sometimes flew to work instead of driving the 40 or 50 miles. He worked as a test pilot for a company that made custom aircraft. He wasn't rich, but he seemed to have his life in order. He paid cash for his daughter to go to flight school to be a commercial pilot. He told me that her favorite way to fly was up-side-down. No way would I ever let someone do that with me in a plane. I had only flown maybe twice in my life. We seemed to get along pretty good. I liked him, but I knew that he wasn't long-term material for me. One interesting thing I learned about him while we were out exploring places was that he was afraid of heights. I couldn't believe it. We were walking across a dam and he was near the edge that was a couple hundred feet to the river. He asked if I would trade sides with him. He told me he was was afraid of heights. That just cracked me up. I asked, "How can you be afraid of heights?" "You are a pilot"! His comment, "Well, I'm not going to fall out of the plane."

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