Friday, February 6, 2009

Going crazy for a crazy man. Part 1

Here I was newly single after several years in a relationship. I was so new into the dating game. I didn't really know how to play it. The last time I dated I was in high school. Now being at least 20 years older than then, I didn't realize that not only had the rules changed, but the players had as well. Pretty much I was "shark-bait" as my "crazy man" would say. "Crazy man" was the first man I actually went out on a date with since being single. I was only separated for 6 weeks and still legally married. Yes, I was dumb, fresh "shark- bait". My first mistake was that I met him on an online single site. I didn't even know what a "meat market" was, but I would now say that that was diffidently a "meat market". So the "crazy man" and I sent emails back and forth for a few days and then we decided to meet in person. He lived 1 hour and 15 minutes from me, so we decided to meet at a place somewhere 1/2 way. He chose a shopping mall. I dressed pretty nice and conservatively in a flowerly dress. He was dressed ok in jeans and a flannel- like vest. At first, I thought, he looks old. He has lines around his eyes. But he is ok. He is short, but he has nice hair, just needs a little trim. We walked up to a Chinese food vendor in the mall and ordered chicken and rice. We sit down with our trays across from each other and begin an awkward conversation. It wasn't until years later that I realized that I did lots of dating no-no's. The no-no that I did this time was I sat down and told him my "whole live story" in about 30 mins. I don't ever think he got any words in. I told him everything, mostly the bad and the ugly. Gee, I'm sure relationship gurus John Gray and Christian Carter would have just been cringing if they saw me doing that. But like I said before, I didn't know the rules and I was too inexperience to know better. He then bought us ice cream cones and I was amazed at the horses on the carousel, so we both took a ride while eating the cones. That was really fun. So after talking and eating, he decided we should walk a little bit around the mall. Then we sit down on a bench. We compared our birthdays, turned out that his was the day after mine. So next thing we both have our driver's licenses out to see if it was true. Of course I'm thinking wow, maybe this is a sign. Then he decided to get my picture in one of those mall picture machines. I thought it would be more fun if he joined me in the picture, but no. Then we were sitting back down and the next thing I know I was holding his hand. Did he grab mine? I think so. I looked at our hands and notice the watch he was wearing, it said Rolex I was interested because I had never seen one up close before. Of course I didn't say anything. I just thought huh, maybe he's got it together. Then he suggests that we should go. So we walked back towards the entrance. He asked for a kiss, but I wouldn't. In my head I'm thinking can I get something from a kiss? So I gave him a big hug instead. He went his way and I went my way. Later, I felt bad about the kiss be cont'd.

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