Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm the "clingy" girl to run from!

I wish I would have read either John Gray or Christian Carter before I started dating. It would have helped me so much. I did so many stupid things. I had a number of guys run as fast as they could from me. I couldn't figure out what was wrong? I thought I was attractive, not too fat, I had a good job, kids that were almost grown. I know now that my clingy ways were a major turn-off for guys. I didn't know...I was just lonely. I only wanted a long-term monogamous sex partner. Why were so many guys scared by that? I think they read me wrong. Oh well, their loss. Here is a clingy mistake I did with FB. I slept with him on Wednesday, I figured the meant of course I would see him either Friday or Saturday. But no...Saturday night rolls along and I'm calling him, asking ,"hey, why haven't I heard from you?" "Aren't we going to see each other this weekend?" He says, "way...hold on. It has only been three days." Yes...that kind of thing scares off a guy. How was I supposed to know that? The next week he was IM'ing me all these sex comments and telling me what he wanted to do with me, etc. I realized, wow the guy just wants me for sex. My self-esteem fell a little more. But what was wrong with me? Isn't that all I wanted too? I didn't really know. I was confused.

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