Friday, February 13, 2009

The Next Day

The next day after my wild run out to nowhere with crazy man, I was tired, so I called in sick to work. I decided I wanted more action from the crazy man. My libido was on fire. So I called him and asked if his boss (he was self-employed) would allow him to call in sick that day and nap with me in his bed. He of course, said sure come on over. I get there and he takes me up and puts me to bed and heads back down to do some work and I try to sleep. Later he came up and I was prepared (practice safety) to suduce him , which was pretty easy to do. It was good and he was fun. I liked that he was short. We fit together so great since I am short also. My ex was so tall and I don't think we fit very well physically. Not like crazy man and I. After that was done, he was ready for us to get dressed and wanted to talk to me in the kitchen. I don't think he was all too pleased with what happened. I'm sure a part of him was though....just not the thinking part of him. I of course was "in love" and "in lust". I think he was terrified.

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